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STU48 is a sister group of widely popular JPop/Idol group AKB48. STU is short for the SeToUchi48! How could I not talk about this?

Below is their song called 風を待つ (Kaze o matsu) or Wait for the Wind. If you're not into JPop or Pop in general, this video is a 4:25 long, one-shot, drone video in the beautiful city of Onomichi. It is an impressive coordination, execution, and piloting feat! There is a lot of running and dancing on the hillside of Onomichi. The end of the video claims the final release was their 9th take of the video. There is a lot of extra footage of the behind the scenes making of the 風を待つ Music Video which is also very interesting.

STU48 hosts shows all around Japan, but is the only group who's theater is on a boat!

If you would like to trace the steps of STU48, check out this park in the final sequence:

Further research on this video led me to this great article on Medium for some extra details.

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