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Roof Tile (Kawara) Road @ Le Jardin Charme

This is a project I have been working on for 2 weeks with several other people, which has finally completed today! This road used to be a weed covered field, but is now a path from the southern entrance of the garden to the steps leading up to the guesthouse of Le Jardin Charme. It is made completely of kawara roof tiles which were salvaged from an old building in the neighborhood.

The kawara road was suggested by a craftsman who is doing another project on the property as they could not be reused for its original purpose. Many roads have been made this way in Japan as a re-purposing of these beautiful vintage tiles. There are many very intricate examples online, but this was made entirely by amateurs! And I am in love with this road.

The above photo is the early part of the project and the beginning of the road. It has the most intricate look because of the varied sizes and short distances between each tile. The project evolved and designs were implemented to create some art work within the road. Below is a video of the completed road where you can also catch a glimpse of my two friends Blanca and Sia (the goats). The view is this spectacular everyday.

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