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Latte Heart Cafe - Onomichi

Latte Heart Cafe is owned and operated by Mimi in Onomichi. Mimi is such a sweet host who makes fantastic latte art! The inside is very cute, with a couple of small tables, long shared counter seating, and a bar if you want to hang out and chat. I will not spoil how neat this spot is with pictures, they have an Instagram for that!

Latte Heart Cafe is open Tuesday - Sunday 09:00 - 18:00 - Google Map

They serve lunch on weekdays starting at 11:30 (reservations available by phone)

And if you bring a group or really love pudding, Mimi's "bucket" pudding (pictured below) is just sweet enough and a perfect way to end a meal with friends. (reservations required!)

Mimi is currently learning English and has grown a following of foreign visitors to her cafe. She hosts an English language exchange at her shop (check the website for dates and times). If you're lucky, you might even get to sign the cafe wall. Thank you for the fun times and beautiful, delicious latte.

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