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What am I doing in Japan?

I am helping a friend to build a house in a traditional Japanese Arakabe style (mud plaster on a bamboo frame) in the city of Onomichi (Hiroshima Prefecture) for a couple of months and then cycling around Japan (routes not determined).

That was as plainly as I could put it, but for your further curiosity I have some other plans for my long term stay in Japan:

1. Continue my study of Japanese language and culture

2. Write this blog & capture some photos and video of the Seto Inland Sea

3. Learn about operating a Guesthouse

4. Cycling/Riding bikes, motorcycles, scooters, and anything with wheels as much as possible.

Why am I doing this?

Onomichi is my favorite city of Japan and the start of my favorite cycling route. I am continuing explorations of myself and learning of the world while I still have the time. Life is short and there is no better time to live.

Come visit me in Onomichi or link up with me on my travels in Japan and elsewhere in the world! Sign up for my weekly newsletter and send me your address for a postcard!

LOL (Lots Of Love), Alex

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1 Comment

Feb 04, 2020

Love that you're taking us along for the ride bro. This adventure will create some great memories to look back upon - so glad you're doing this trip!

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