• Alex Kang

The Lone Monkey of Senkoji

The Northern side of Mt. Senkoji is mostly a park, sports fields, city buildings, and a seasonal pool. But it was also the site of the zoo and amusement park long ago. A local shared with me that there used to even be a small roller coaster in the park! But now there are several left over buildings of the now defunct zoo and amusement park and a monkey.

He is stuck in his lighthouse home. A friend told me that he may be unable to return home as he is now fouled by the stench of people. He may not be able to integrate into a monkey world back in the wild, so he stays here in Onomichi. Can you find him in the pictures?

There is another building curiosity: a two story restroom! The second level was probably a gift shop, but the first level still operates as a public restroom. It has a beautiful tile mural that might be my favorite art in Onomichi. It is fun, informative, cute, and beautifully maintained even after all of these decades!

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