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Shimanami Coffee (truck/stand)

If you start from either Onomichi or Imabari a great halfway point and stop is at the Ehime side (south side - Omishima) of the Tatara Bridge. There is a great restaurant, souvenir shop, and cafe at the Cyclist Sanctuary, an observation deck at the top of the hill near the bridge, and a small coffee trailer called Shimanami Coffee (しまなみコーヒー)

This small stop has a fantastic view of the bridge, sea, and islands of the Setouchi. There are colorful, mismatched tables and chairs that make for interesting and Instagram-able photos. The coffee is precisely made and there are a few local cakes and biscotti available. The owner is very friendly and can speak a little English, so roll up for a coffee and sit on the swing bench for a break.

Notable local drinks include: Hot Yuzu, Hot Lemonade Yuzu Soda, and Mikan (Orange) Juice. They are all likely sourced from the Setouchi region's prolific citrus growers.

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