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Post Office Franking in Onomichi

You might have received a post card from me from my travels around the world, so you know I sometimes ask what the stamp looks like when you receive it. The franking stamp from the post office goes over the postage stamp you place on your correspondence to mark it as paid.

I love my neighboring temple,

, so much I will make a special trip everyday to a nearby post office over the hill to be franked with the stamp below. It is a drawing of Saikokuji gate, the temple, and the island of Innoshima in the background. If the temples are correct, Innoshima should actually be behind you, not beyond the temples like in the stamp. But it is very distinct to the neighborhood and I hope it brings you a little closer to Onomichi. Not all post offices have their official franking stamp displayed like at my local office, so look out on your travels.

If you would like a postcard, please email me your address! I would love to send you one!

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1 commentaire

18 déc. 2019

Very cool, now I’ll have to pay attention to the post offices more! Thanks for the info!

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