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Nekonote Pan (bakery) - Onomichi

I can't tell if this is hipster or if it is just very Japanese/Onomichi. Nekonote Pan is a very small bakery operated from what looks like just another house on the Senkoji mountain. It is down an alley way that you cannot reach by car and it is just off the Old Temple Walking Course so if you want to visit mark it on your Maps! The above picture is about 80% of what they sell at this bakery. I had 3 different things here, and I am confident the rest must be just as tasty.

You walk into just a small entry way where they will hand you a tray with tongs. There is really only space for 1, so get cosy and choose quickly! The bakery itself is just behind the doors and windows of the below picture. All of the bread, sweets, deserts, and pizzas are produced in this tiny space.

"Be careful as cats jump on bread!" I had a very friendly cat follow me for a while as I walked through Onomichi's beautiful old tiled streets, not because cats like me.

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Dec 19, 2019

Mmmm☺️🤤 nom nom nom

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