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Manga Kissanten (Internet/Manga Cafe)

If you miss the last train home, want to take a nap, catch up on your manga (comic book) reading, or just want to surf the web for 10 minutes you can buy this time at a Manga Kissaten (Manga Kissa, colloquially). These manga cafe or internet cafes will rent you a seat, booth, or even a room in some cases for minutes or days! This Manga Kissa is a Futaba@Cafe at Yokogawa Sation, Hiroshima. It was one of the higher rated ones in the area, and yes I missed the last train. (And yes, I picked this picture because of the Initial D manga in it)

You can stay in many variations of a booth, but I wanted some privacy and a place to lay down until I could catch the first train the next morning so I stayed in one of these (above). It cost 1750 yen for 6 hours. Prices vary by location and amenities. The shower here was free for 30 minutes and they gave me a toothbrush and razor for free. It is almost like a hotel, but I had the worst time sleeping here. Yes, the booth has a door and they have pillows and blankets available, but the light is always on and there is background music playing at all times. If you happen to be there when it is busy you'll hear others clicking away at the computer or snoring in the evening.

But as a last resort, this is one of the best options for a cheap stay or just a place to rest for a while on your journey through Japan. It's like a fancy internet cafe! You can even order food, alcohol, and other entertainment (like karaoke at this one!). At this manga kissa, Wednesdays are 20% for the "ladies area" (below). Soft drinks, coffee, tea, water, soft serve, and even miso soup are available for free at the kitchen areas.

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