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In April 2018 a prisoner escaped to a small island of the Setouchi

Among the many adventures of my day, I often hear of fun things around town. A public employee (?) surveyor approached me as many Japanese people do after I stare at a map for too long. I was not in need of assistance, but our conversation led to an interesting story as we stood in front of the ferry to Mukaishima Island across the water.

A prisoner escapee from Imabari (the other end of the Shimanami Kaido from Onomichi) in Ehime Prefecture hid out in Mukaishima after stealing a car that was later identified on the island. Over 6,600 people were on the lookout in Mukaishima, population ~20,000. He was later found in Hiroshima City, after swimming across the straight between Mukaishima and likely Onomichi.

The swim is 200 meters long at the narrowest point. And today it seemed like the tides and currents would be in a swimmer's favor. "It sounds like Alcatraz," I told my surveyor friend. My triathletes back home would have scoffed at this swim, but maybe not under the pressure of detention and the lack of a wetsuit.

More details here

Today's sunset 12/7/2019: Looking at Mukaishima & Iwashijima from Onomichi

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