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I live in Onomichi

After a short trip to Fukuoka and Hiroshima, I am now in Onomichi. I am in a small house by myself right next to the Saikokuji Temple (below) . The straw slippers are prayers for healthy legs to the guardians known for their strong legs! What good fortune for my running and cycling adventures here!

When I arrived, I had the same feeling I have had in my last two trips here except I knew I would be here for a long time. There are deep feelings of gratitude and amazement that I will be able to enjoy this place while I still have the mind and body for it. But I also feel lonely since leaving friends and family back at home.

Onomichi is a small port town known for many things including its ship building and fishing industries, settings of numerous movies, books, manga, and of course the beginning or end of the most beautiful cycling route in the world, the Shimanami Kaido. I will be writing a lot about that very soon!

I love Onomichi.

Sunset 12/4/2019 - SetoJapan Instagram

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